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Welcome to the CREATIVE EDGE quarterly newsletter!  What to expect next



At Day Media Consulting, we wanted to welcome you to a very exciting time in digital media. The Creative Edge is our way of staying connected to our clients and community.

Now more than ever having a strong digital presence is key for your network but also for your own personal branding as well as your business. At Day Media Consulting we strive to bring only the best tangible gems of solutions to our clients. This quarterly newsletter was designed not to overburden your inbox! Rather it is our hope it becomes a quarterly tool to enable your current marketing team to further keep up on your company’s marketing goals, or to act as a quick pulse check for a new entrepreneurs to ensure their marketing tactics are inline with the industry standards. You see good marketing is iterative. Its not one-and-done! It should be a process that is continuously reviewed.

Marketing reviews, at their basic points, should include:

  1. Your competitor’s landscape and how your messaging looks beside theirs
  2. Your own vision, mission and goals. Are they inline with the rest of the website’s key messaging?
  3. The industry landscape. How is your brand lining up with the thoughts and feedback from the community and how is your company positioned therein?
  4. Location, location, location. If you are a company with multiple locations, especially nationally or globally, this may require more thought and insight into your target markets by geography and what a buyer needs in those distinct areas. 

Having a good marketing agency is like having a great detective. At Day Media Consulting, we spend that time doing a lot of the research and the creative for you. We get that our clients are busy serving their clients and don’t necessarily have the time to invest in this sacred analytical time. So we ask you what your goals are and do the rest in behind the scenes.

If that story is told right and the branding is on pointe, the people (with a little sprinkle of SEO) will come. With that will come the questions and therefore new business.

But I have marketing people for that?

We know businesses have marketing departments, but sometimes those staff members can get buried and get tunnel vision to the vision of the business day in and day out. Fresh perspectives can get lost and so can good communication. This is why Day Media added the Consulting to their name. We can help bring a handful of new ideas to the table and execute on them as well. Especially if marketing is taxed with project specific deadlines, that help with the everyday of the business, but fall short of the business marketing as a whole as it stems down from Sales and Business Development. This is Day Media’s sweet spot. Sales flow to Marketing execution.

So that is what you can expect. A little about us, and what to look out for in marketing to date, as well we’d love to hear a little about you and your business. Our owner is always up for a coffee meet and greet.

We hope you will stay tuned to reading our newsletter and look forward to your feedback.

Until then, happy storytelling.

*Disclaimer: The aforementioned blog tips are merely simple tools to be used and included in your online digital business practice and presence. The tips and sources therein are only a guideline for increasing revenue and growth. Each implementation is different to each company and should be reviewed step-by-step by a seasoned marketer like Day Media Consulting.

Day Media Consulting Inc. All rights reserved. 

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